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Know that your brain is susceptible to illness just like the rest of your organs.  Instead of a virus or bacteria attacking your red blood cells, particular neurons in your brain misfire or stop firing altogether, or your brain waves are unstable and affected.  Oh, you didn’t know? Yes. The brain has its own set of diseases. Sometimes, they can get pretty bad.  


You exercise to stay in shape physically for good health, or at least you know that’s a thing. You might even know that by practicing poor habits, such as eating highly processed and fattening foods regularly can cause heart complications and immune deficiencies. You become sick more often when you do not take care of your physical health.  What happens when you practice poor mental habits?  You (all of you - y’all, you all, yous guys, and all y’all) need brain servicing at some point in life because no one perfectly glides through unscathed.  


Never been to therapy?  Don’t “get it?”  You are not the only one!  No worries, this is utterly normal and quite expected.  Nine times out of ten, people who initially didn’t "get" therapy, eventually do and leave glad they came.  That tenth person is someone who was not ready to make changes anyway.    


More specifically, you might feel in a persistent state of worry, sadness, worthlessness, helplessness, or you begin taking your anger out on others. You experience burnout in the workplace, lack tolerance in some capacity, or feel the sun simply will not rise tomorrow, no matter what the leprechaun spurting skittles tells you.  Do you see leprechauns?  Call me.  In general, ask yourself if you are satisfied with life. If you answer a profound “No,” you probably need to work out some kinks and grease the gears.  


Individual, 1:1 Session

Family Therapy Session - “It’s not me, it’s you.”

Couples Therapy Session - “Yeah, well, it’s both of us. . . “

DISCLAIMER: *Although Megan uses Humor and Laughter Therapy throughout her practice, she is very mindful about appropriate use and the implementation of such techniques.